Wooden Heart Co

Since March 2014, we are committed to bring our dreams which we implement in three elements: form, function, and culture into society. Focusing on headwear, those three elements we cherish the most will always be able to be seen in each of our collection. Manufactured by our passionate craftsman, we put our best effort to make sure we create the best headwear that you have been waiting for; durable enough to accompany your travel or sport activities yet beautifully designed to be worn at every of your mundane chores. Once in a while, we release collections of apparel to accompany our headwear collection, nevertheless.


Current Issue

Wooden Heart Varsity Pack

Bring back the 70's vibe of American College Life.
Wooden Heart Varsity Pack come in 6 Panel Caps and Raglan Long Sleeve Tees

Available in two colours (Dark Grey and Navy Blue).

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